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Anna Surie (1971) is a Dutch artist. She has worked with NLXL founder Rick Vintage on numerous business adventures as his “right eye”. From 2010 thru 2019 she was NLXL’s art director. Her work shows a fascination of contrast between the idyllic surface of bourgeois existence and the inevitable dark side of life. Although her techniques may differ - from 3d-fantasy worlds in boxes to textile and paper collages - her work always displays an ironic, almost cynical view of the world. The work Enchanted Garden shows an romantic flowery landscape, made of paper cuts. A closer look reveals what lies beneath: violence, lust, dictatorship, death. No light without darkness, according to Anna. Enchanted Garden was shown in 2014 at the Summer exhibition at the Gemeente museum The Hague.

Photo Mart Boudestein