RKS-01 Umbrella Pines



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Umbrella Pines Wallpaper by Rijksmuseum

We thought this beautiful painting needed some love. The original painting is only 70 x 50cm (27” x 19.7”) and because we enlarge it times 8 it shows its age. So we did a labor of love: over 40 hours of digital restoration was done by the NLXL studio. Cracks and wrinkles were removed precisely, but since we didn’t want it to look like an eighties airbrush image obviously not everything was removed. Why? Because it’s really the most beautiful painting. And because we never leave well enough alone. Henrik Voogd was known as the ‘Dutch Claude’, after the French painter Claude Lorrain, who was famous for his history landscapes bathed in golden light. Voogd painted the gardens of the Villa Borghese in Rome in the late afternoon. The sun casts long shadows, and the trees stand out sharply against the sky. Strolling figures are enjoying the magnificent sunset. In the foreground, an artist is seated against a tree and drawing.

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Mural size: W 146,1 cm x L 330 cm = 4,82 m2
Mural size: W 57,5" x L 129,9" = 51,9 SqFt
No repeat, match 300cm (118.1")

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