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The designer

Anne-Claire Petit (1962) studied industrial design in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and began her career as a designer for Esprit. After four very successful years working for the American label it was time to elevate her inspiration and creativity to a higher level. The designer began her own label under the name Anne-Claire Petit Accessories. This label, which received recognition during the first years with a beautiful shawl collection, expanded to include an extensive children’s and interior’s accessories collection – with all of the products done in colourful handiwork. The Anne-Claire collections are currently sold in hundreds of shops and department stores in 31 different countries in Europe, Asia and the United States.

The label

A huge animal family, a collection of children’s and baby clothes, a line of interior accessories, accessories for the kitchen and for pets... Every Anne-Claire Petit accessory is hand made according to traditional handiwork techniques, using recognizable colour schemes and natural materials, which makes every piece unique. The accessories all have something in common as well: they bring about the same positive, cheerful reaction and that is exactly what defines the distinct signature of this label. Anyone who comes across an Anne-Claire Petit accessory will recognize it immediately. The authenticity, the eye for detail, the precise handiwork and the complementary colour schemes remain unparalleled.

The production

The Anne-Claire Petit brand has an optimistic view of the world, in all aspects from design to production. Cheerful, colourful and, most importantly, made with love. A great deal of the traditional crocheting is done in Asia. In the countryside, where the women are skilled in the original handiwork techniques of their ancestors, a close relationship has been built up with various communities. Thanks to their crochet work for Anne-Claire Petit, the women have paid work for most of the year – something from which the entire village benefits. The women work from home and they often do the crochet work for the new collections together with their neighbours. This emanates a sense of security and working together that rings out in all of Anne-Claire Petit’s accessories.


The world of anne-claire petit accessories involves many, very divers collaborations. We love to invite other brands to step into our world, and are visa versa very much interested in those of others. Collaborations give us the possibility to explore new stories, objects, techniques and different kinds of outcomes stretching – so far – from hand crochet figures, printed duvet covers to books and carpets. Thanks to our experience in the field of toys and home decor, we have been able to develop successful collaborations with companies such as ‘Snurk’, ‘Airborne' and ‘AMPM’. Our colabs with publishers and studios show that our designs are suitable for a wide range of products. Famous book and animation characters such as Shaun the sheep and dog Rintje were given an extra dimension through our crochet work.

By furthermore adding partners such as the Dutch Rijksmuseum and flooring company Forbo to our client list, we can say we have no trouble working ‘out of the box’; It always is a joy to get together, brainstorm and come to new work!