MRV-22 Wainscoting Cane Webbing


SKU: MRV-22 Mr & Mrs Vintage

Weaved cane is one of the oldest techniques used in furniture manufacturing. Cane strips have been used in objects since ancient times, originating as basket material and evolving into furniture. Caned furniture first appeared in Holland, England and France around the 1660’s thanks to bustling trade with Asia. Thonet revolutionized the furniture industry in 1859 with its 214 chair. The simple caned seat contributed to the chair’s extraordinary lightness, which meant that it was less expensive to produce and transport. In todays’ contemporary interiors Cane Webbing is making a comeback. NLXL is the first wallpaper manufacturer to introduce Cane Webbing wallpaper. The collection comprises of a modernistic take on webbing by Studio Roderick Vos, as well as a classic approach by NLXL founders Mr. & Mrs. Vintage. The latter can be combined with 4 wainscoting designs. The wainscoting is mounted horizontally on top of the vertical strips of Cane Webbing wallpaper, just like it would be installed in real wood. Ultra high resolution scans make this new collection a typical NLXL trompe-l’oeil product where you will have to look twice to see its not the real thing.

  • Size: 48,7x487cm (2,37m2) 19.2"x191.7" (25.5SqFt)
  • This wallpaper requires horizontal intallation and can be combined with Mr. & Mrs Vintage webbing and wood panel wallpapers.
  • 1 Roll of horizontal wainscoting covers 10 Drops of wallpaper (10 x 48,7 cm, see images)
  • heavy duty 160grs wallpaper with paper top layer and non woven backing
  • colourfast and washable with a soft cloth
  • no wallpapering table necessary, glue is applied to wall
  • Fire rating USA ASTM E 84.10 EU B.s1, do