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Truly Truly was conceived as the brainchild of Australian couple, Joel and Kate Booy. Now based in the Netherlands, their work is dynamic, experimental and unexpected, ranging in style from the whimsical to the strongly graphic. With a background in experimental graphic design, it’s easy to see why they don’t shy away from strong colour and pattern. They are keen for their designs to evoke a response even in themselves: "If our work evokes a gut response in us, then that’s a good thing." 

Truly Truly have exhibited their work at a number of exhibitions including Salone del Mobile in Milan, Northmodern in Copenhagen and at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. 

Fascinated with the concept of hidden forces that exist unseen in our surroundings, PARTICLES wallpaper was produced for Truly Truly’s Particles and Frequencies exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2014. The exhibition explored normally invisible elements such as microscopic biological synapses or technological radiation to answer the question, what does energy look like? Their wallpaper design is a perfect example of a work which is visually experimental by elevating the unseen elements of the world around us and bringing them under scrutiny as a clear visual presence in our homes and workplaces. 

Available in monochrome tones of black, white or grey, PARTICLES is sure to appeal to fans of a minimalist look. The design appears to have a regular pattern but remains simple enough to act as a background to other interior design elements. Naturally, it pairs well with an overall minimalist, monochrome scheme. The real beauty of this design, however, lies in its deceptive simplicity. From a distance, it appears as a simple dot pattern, but move closer and you begin to see the visual effect of moving particles as they appear to drift in a wave across the wall space. Finally, an even closer inspection reveals the unique and individual pattern inside each static dot, proving that all is not as it seems! 

This wallpaper design manages to transform scientific elements into a work of art for your home. It encapsulates scientific forces by turning a world of hidden elements into something visually tangible. This design is bound to appeal to anyone who is interested in the complex world of science or the unending possibilities of graphic design. It would make a great living room wallpaper or workspace design for an office. The simple monochrome colour options also act as an excellent contrasting backdrop to natural elements of interior design such as plants and terrariums and help to make other colours really stand out. You could even pair this design with antique furniture as an up-to-date contrast between modern and vintage style elements. This is a wallpaper design which is versatile for just about any space in your home, blending the simple with the complex, the visual with the unseen.