UON-06 Art Deco Jungle



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Art Deco Jungle Wallpaper by UON

Dense vegetation of the jungle falls and curls in front of a thin metal art deco structure, invades it, possesses it, traps it completely and almost only a few metallic glints are perceived... Jungle takes the place. Natural Beauty, the first collection designed exclusively by UON STUDIO for NLXL pretends to exalt beauty and diversity of nature, and make it to get in homes for becoming part of our spaces and lives. From the subtle dawn in the Amazonas, going through a romantic dreamy lake to a wild jungle. Let the nature come into your home to embellish it and enjoy living surrounded by its fresh lushness. The beauty of nature is invading your home...

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Mural size: W 146,1 cm x L 330 cm = 4,82 m2
Mural size: W 57,5" x L 129,9" = 51,9 SqFt
No repeat, match 330cm (129.9")

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