STB-01 Graphic Chevron


Studio Boot

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Graphic Chevron Wallpaper by Studio Boot

“We’re not virtuous, we have no fixed style, and we try not to repeat ourselves. Moreover our work isn’t dominated by one or other dogma, or influenced by software with a clearly recognizable form solution. The work isn’t interchangeable, and we’re not consciously trying to achieve ugliness, but we are looking for new and interesting form solutions that contribute to and reinforce the story.” This is how Edwin Vollebergh characterizes the attitude to work at Studio Boot that he has developed together with Petra Janssen.

EU Roll size: W 48,7 cm x L 900 cm = 4,38 m2
US Roll size: W 19,2" x L 354,3" = 47,18 SqFt
No repeat, match 16cm (6.3")

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