KSO-04 Kiku Sui



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Kiku Sui Wallpaper by KENSHO II

The term “Kiku Sui” refers to Chrysanthemum flowers floating in a stream of water. Chrysanthemums called Kiku in Japanese represents longevity, majestic and protection from evil spirits. In the headwaters of a river that flows through a region of China, countless chrysanthemums grow wild, and the drops and dewdrops that fall from the chrysanthemums collect to form a river valley. The people living in the small village of the houses along the river are all long-lived - over a hundred years old. They always drink the water from the river, which contains drops of chrysanthemums, to keep themselves alive. The chrysanthemum is a symbol of the world of the Divine Immortal, Queen of the Hundred Grasses, and it was believed that drinking its extracts would bring about longevity and immortality.

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Circle size: W 190 cm x L 190 cm = 3,61 m2
Circle size: W 74,8" x L 74,8" = 38,86 SqFt

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