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Daniel Rozensztroch is the artistic director of the Paris-based French concept store, Merci which is responsible for influencing design the world over. Previously Daniel worked as editorial advisor at French interiors magazine Marie Claire Maison and is now responsible for upholding the image and reputation of this celebrated store which gives 100% of its profits to a project based in Madagascar. Daniel has also worked as a design consultant and written several books on the subject of design from cultural styles to ordinary objects. His latest wallpaper collection, OBSESSION is the culmination of Daniel’s own obsession with every day, seemingly mundane objects.

The OBSESSION collection by Daniel Rozensztroch offers a range of designs that align well with the concept of everyday living and the objects that we have and use in our homes. In fact, Rozensztroch has written several books about the art of living and ordinary household objects in a series titled ‘Everyday Things’. For Rozensztroch, the often overlooked everyday object is fascinating in its function and simplicity. He seeks to explore the origins and history of the items we use every day. This wallpaper collection gives a nod to history too as it charts the development of everyday household objects, such as ornaments or brushes, over time and therefore sits in tune with the current trend for vintage interiors. It would make a wonderful backdrop to antique furniture and vintage pieces if you wanted to really capitalize on this theme. Alternatively, the numerous objects in the pattern provide plenty to stand up against minimalist furniture or a paired-down Scandi style. 

DRO-06 OBSESSION, featuring numerous types of spoon makes an interesting choice for dining room or kitchen wallpaper and really does highlight the beauty of these often overlooked everyday objects. Alternatively, DRO-01 creates a wall adorned with photo frames, a fantastic option for a living room wallpaper or hallway design. It would even work well as a fun backdrop for your own framed pictures. Another interesting choice of wallpaper for a living room or hallway is DRO-05 or DRO-08 both of which feature lots of quirky ornaments. Use as a background to your own collections or as a foil to a minimalist design. With its wonderful array of coathangers, (who knew there were so many different types over the years?!) the design DRO-02 makes a perfect choice for a bedroom. Whatever your design choice, Rozensztroch makes us look at the world of our everyday lives in a different way. With this wallpaper in your home, no doubt you’ll never look at these ordinary objects in quite the same way again. 

Eye-catching, thought-provoking and a just little bit obsessive, this wallpaper creates art out of everyday living.

As with all NLXL wallpaper, there is no repeat so you can enjoy each individual image, sharing in Rozensztroch’s own obsession with the beauty of the seemingly ordinary.

Photo: Sander de Hooge