RKS-03 View Olinda Rijksmuseum


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View of Olinda, Brazil, Frans Jansz Post, 1662

The background shows Olinda Cathedral, badly damaged when the Dutch captured the region from the Portuguese in the 1630s. In the foreground is an incongruous parade of local fauna, partly hidden in the bushes. The contemporary frame is possibly after a design by Post. It shows a lizzard with a split tail, like the drawing by Post displayed nearby.

  • Repeat 300cm (118.1"), Match 300cm (118.1")
  • All Rijksmuseum wallpapers have been digitally enhanced for NLXL to ensure maximum image quality.
  • Murals can be printed at unlimited custom sizes upon request at € 50,00 per m2 ($6.00 per sq.ft.) Contact us for more information.
  • heavy duty 160grs wallpaper with paper top layer and non woven backing
  • colourfast and washable with a soft cloth
  • no wallpapering table necessary, glue is applied to wall
  • Fire rating USA ASTM E 84.10 EU B.s1, do