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Based in Belgium and the Netherlands, Studio Job was founded in the year 2000 by Design Academy Eindhoven graduates Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets. The duo’s collaboration has resulted in ornate designs with high levels of craftsmanship. Creation is at the forefront of their work, as opposed to a defined style. They appear to interweave seemingly dichotomous concepts; the traditional with the contemporary, natural with artificial. Their designs boast qualities that seem at once cartoon-like and heraldic in their imagery, often displaying an array of symbols. As a result, Studio Job wallpapers have become associated with the term 'neo-gothic'. Studio Job’s designs have been exhibited internationally in over 40 museums, with solo exhibitions in cities as diverse as New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, Milan and Geneva. They have also collaborated with a number of famous brands including Bulgari, Land Rover, Viktor and Rolf and Moooi. In 2009, the pair opened Studio Job Gallery in Antwerp to showcase contemporary art and design and, in the following year, their monograph, 'The Book of Job' was launched by a New York publishing house. A second book, 'Monkey Business' was recently launched alongside a retrospective of their work by the Groninger Museum. 

Studio Job’s WITHERED FLOWERS wallpaper from their ARCHIVES collection works beautifully with the current trend in interior design for ‘bringing the outside in’. This ornate design with muted shades of rich colour combines nuances of the heraldic with a stunning Art Nouveau style. Team it with houseplants and other botanical references, or contrast the intricacy of the design with stark, simple furniture. 

In complete contrast to the ornate style of many of their designs, Studio Job has proved they do pared down minimalism just as well. THE WALL is as simple and unfussy as the name suggests. As a plain background, it would work well with the bright, clashing colours of neon furnishings. It would also blend seamlessly with industrial style, as it perfectly mimics the simple white bricks of New York subways or the London underground. Whatever your style, this wallpaper makes a great modern background to pictures, posters and artwork. It would also make a fantastic kitchen wallpaper, as a quick and easy alternative to real tiles.

One of the most luxurious Studio Job wallpapers is ROBBER BARON in limited edition metallic gold. This decadent design features references to the age of industrialism from which the design takes its name. As such, it would look at odds with an industrial setting whilst ironically tying in with the theme. The symbolic imagery evokes a bygone era, while the images of cogs will appeal to fans of steampunk and industrialism. The luxurious nature of this design fulfils the current trend for decadent metallics as well as appealing to those who enjoy the intelligent irony of Studio Job’s designs.