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A product designer, interior designer and stylist, Thomas Eurlings is based at his studio in Amsterdam where he designs a number of elements for interiors. Defining aspects of his designs include the context in which they are set and creating collections as part of his tendency towards curatorship. His products are featured in the collections of Helderr, ENO studio and Buhtiq 31, among others, and Thomas frequently organises his own expos and incidental shops. Of his style, he says: 

"I like to approach an interior in a fashionable way. Color, material and a feeling of Zeitgeist are important, just like the wider context such as flooring, textiles and wallpaper. It makes a design more specific and gives it more individuality." 

As well as organising his own events, Thomas regularly takes part in international art and design exhibitions such as Design Salon in Amsterdam, Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and Salone del Mobile in Milan. Many of his products have featured in worldwide publications such as Dazed and Confused and Elle Decoration. 

GRADIENT wallpaper by Thomas Eurlings is available as a wallpaper mural of three drops featuring a gradient of colour in either pink tones or multicolour. Initially developed as a custom product, it is now available on the roll and fits well with recent design trends for ombré and dégradé style. The gradient of colour runs into white giving it a light, airy and cloud-like feel. Placed at the top of the wall, the gradation into white also gives the illusion of a higher ceiling space so may be ideal as a functional wallpaper for a low-ceilinged room. The bright colours as well as the diamond pattern of the multicolour design pair well with modern, minimalist furniture, while the pink design blends softer shades to create a calm environment. In between the diamond shapes lies imagery of keys, perhaps making this a fitting design for a hallway. The diamond pattern could also be repeated elsewhere in the overall room design or mirrored through the technique of tufting in upholstery.

Available in soft shades of blue or pink, MARQUETRY wallpaper fits well with the increasing trend for pastel shades in interior design. Softer shades of pastel pink and serene blue are set to become the next big thing when creating a peaceful sanctuary in which to relax and unwind from the stresses of modern life. Naturally, this design would work well as a living room wallpaper to create a warm and inviting space in which to relax. Traditionalists expecting a new arrival may also appreciate the two colour options for a potential nursey wallpaper. Moreover, the trompe l’oeil effect used in this design gives it an on-trend graphic appearance, whilst still referencing traditional craftsmanship in the form of centuries-old marquetry techniques.