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Kensho Ⅱ is a Japanese tattoo master using traditional “Tebori” methods and “Sashibo”instruments. He began apprenticeship with his master Takehisa Muramatsu in 2000. Asked by Takehisa Muramatsu if he would one day like to become a tattoo artist Kesho answered “yes Sensei!” From that point his tattooing career took off. 

It's very difficult to be given the chance to become a tattoo apprentice in Japan, especially within a traditional Japanese tattoo family. The Japanese apprentice system is very strict. Takehisa Muramatsu never taught Kensho directly - Instead, he watched his technique and studied his drawings for couple years until he received permission to practice Sashibo and Tebori - but not on customers. He trained on various items such as paper, radish, banana, pig skin bought in a supermarket etc. After much practice he ultimately tried the techniques on his own skin and studied what sort of ink mixtures (Japanese traditional tattoo artists make black ink for each appointment) worked and looked better, how much force he should apply for Tebori, etc... 

From 2003 to 2017 he started tattooing as a professional and was known as "Tenkiryu". Later, he received the title "Kensho The Second” (Kensho Ⅱ) from his master in 2018. The new title Kensho is his master's first name Takehisa 建尚 in On-Yomi which means he is in a direct line of his master as a successor. In recent years he has received invitations from numerous international tattoo conventions all over the world. Through the conventions he made friendships and shared knowledge with other foreign tattoo artists. These experiences gave him inspiration and he began to find focus in a new direction. From this year in 2021, he has set up his own atelier in Gooise Meren, Netherlands. He is working hard to improve his skills using his experience and knowledge, and to preserve the culture of traditional Japanese tattoo for future generations.